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pTHE WOLF OF BITCOIN Inanna Sarkis Im Jordana, Beauford, and Im a former member of the middle class raised by two actors in Long Beach, California.


I invested 100 in bitcoins Two years later, Im sitting on 32 million dollars which really pissed me off because 33 is my lucky number The lights not always fair Boom boom BAM boom boom BAM Bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum bum BAM Bum bum bam bum bum bum bum I really appreciate you take Bum bum bum bam with um with all due respect though sir bum bum bum bum bum I meant man sir This is this what you do to keep going? Kaylynn coffee my friend Thats the name of the game the game of the bird the word of the word Alright coffee keeps me up keeps me woo. Keeps me wired open keeps me You know GOING thats so practical kale body nourishment Good for the stomach good for digestion keeps me you know skin glowing.

May I have some? No You made me bleed! Whoa Thats how you do it! Look nobody knows if the bitcoin is gonna go up its gonna Go down its gonna go sideways down your moms pants up and down and around her back.

Why would it go in my moms pants nobody knows Its all a big shmilUzi Whats a shmilUzi? Conspurize Conspiracy. No One second, be right back Hi honey Dont hi honey me were have you been um? Im clearly working.

Okay, Ive been working. Im in a meeting baby look Why dont you go shopping take my credit card get yourself some stuff online? Crypto for the whole day. I got an anonymous email from venom whos venom baby?

Are you are you serious really doing this right now venom whos Billy venmo, babe Its a its an account You use to pay someone when you dont have cash you wires a stupid written on my face matter of fact if you look close Youll see stupid written all over my forehead Im calm. Do you not think I dont know what the difference between venom and venmo is tell me whose venom Yeah Are you doing on the floor, I think you should start to consider investing alternative crypto assets, uhhuh, uhhuh I love the sound of that. What does it mean? Were talking about a world of protocols?

Yawn just cranks it into a whole world of best all my money baby embedded coding. Im a smart contract See this is why I love you cuz youre just so smart And you just know you know how to make me Millions. Dont touch me dont even think about it Dont even reach over put the hand back on the keyboard make me my Millions Yes, make me my million then umm oh How could I forget?

Baby venom is my my yoga instructor from from India. We dont dont lie to me. I do everything for you What more do you want from me okay? Youyouyou dont work at the bank anymore You spend all day using my credit card getting your little exclusive Superman spiderman comic book dont bring this up You know that took me weeks to find that spiderman Oh, Im sorry. Did it hurt your little fingers when youre typing away trying to find it with my money.

I feel so sorry Im Im sorry. You know what Im sorry.


That is so straining on your fingers. Im not doing this. Im done Im done. I guys though.

I dont know how to handle this anymore. Its over. Im done all right, yeah, but Good afternoon or whatever good evening fine? Sorry about that had to handle some business I Think Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom BAM boom bam Boom boom boom Bum bum bum Bum bum a Long way round like Those we come wrong song sorry umm just felt like that was where we were going with this I Like that song Lady like I was sure late.

I think the market is Not good Hey look you got to win some to lose some you got to lose some to win some lose some again and then You win some in the end you lost way more than you want, but its going up By like point zero well, Im not worried its gonna go up. Its not though. Its gonna go up. Its not wait for it Its fully crashed Yeah, hey hey where you going?

Hey hold on uh Were were splitting the bill, right Were gonna Gonna, go hop Okay, and blow some cash or something. I just dont Oh Denim babe, thats dont lie to me. Hey cut it out. Let me finish my line Oh venom oh How could I forget venom Baby, baby, thats my do cos. Oh, let me finish my line Let me finish my holding cooking finish my afterlife after yoga instructor, then you cut me off though.

Im not Im not done explaining I Cant sit down sit down so yeah theres Funds that I shouldnt be seeing be renting your account that I aint seen I see you transferring. Im not stupid I see venom being transferred yeah Cut lets cut and do closerp

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