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ThinkOrSwim 52week HighsLows Scanner and Watchlist Column

pThinkOrSwim 52week HighsLows Scanner and Watchlist Column Today Im just going to do a super quick article on how to find and trade stocks at their 52 week highs or lows if youre looking to buy some value stocks.

ThinkOrSwim 52week HighsLows Scanner and Watchlist Column

So right now Ive loaded up the 52 week lows scan. You can see Im in the scan tab under stock hacker and ive got 52 week lows loaded up to load up a scan all you do is go to load scan query and find the scan down here ive got highs and lows and lows is what i have loaded up right here and so weve got a few things going on here weve got one filter loaded that makes sure were only looking for stocks ampgt 5 you can set this to whatever you like 10, 3 whatever max 200 whatever your max is and then another filter is ive got it setup where it is only finding stocks that moved at least 50 for the year and this helps weed out junky stocks that dont move very much then we have another one here that is filtering for stocks that are trading at least 500k sharesday on avg.

ThinkOrSwim 52week HighsLows Scanner and Watchlist Column

we only want stocks that on an avg day trade at least half million you can change this to shorter lookback you can change it to a million sharesday whatever you want i just have it set to that by default and then we have the actual line here that is looking for the 52 week highs and so in order to trade this all you do is load it, weve got it sorted, 500 stocks sorted by yearly range this column here in ascending order so we hit scan and that should refresh the list and once again ive changed that a bit so it will be a bit different so it starts out at the ones trading nearest their lows and goes to their threshold of 15 so i have it set to 15 you can change that by clicking pencil and typing in 25, or 5 etc. and then if you want to make any of these change you just, to save it in the menu so now another thing is youll notice i have the same scan in my sidebar watchlist and so this just makes it easier for switching when youre in the charts you can switch much more quickly through your stocks here and look at the charts go back to scan ill put this back and put this back at 50 refresh so we have right here this is lit up a different color and what that is doing is telling you that the stock has made a new low today vs. just trading near it it made a new low today for the year so thats what that is it helps pull those to the top for you, brings the freshest 52 week lows to the forefront of your mind so you dont have to do manual siffting as far as 52 week highs, load scan query find the scan click it, and it has same setup defaulted to 5 min ampgt50 move on the year ampgt half million shares avg per day and its within 15 of its high reverse direction of sort, hit scan and we should get a list here and over here ill click the up arrow and it will go to the highs scan instead refreshing and so once again here we have the my computers being slow here probably due to the article im recording but anyway so once it catches up to me its highlighting the stocks that have made a new high for the year just today you see the high bubble is on today and thats what that means so you dont have to manually sift let me get this sorted highest ones on top closest to their 52 week highs, strongest stocks lowest ones are still within 15 of the 100 move for the year thats how to trade these, find them pull these up each day, highlights any new ones for you and trade them as per your plan if youd like to get ahold of this scanner and watchlist column here that helps you sift through them just check up out at and let me know if you have any questions send me an email on the website im happy to asnwer themp

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