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This week in Bitcoin. How to get a crypto job! Challenging 100trillion stocktoflow

This week in Bitcoin 11222019 How to get a crypto job! Challenging 100trillion stocktoflow Hello everyone this is adam meister the bitcoin meister the disrupt meister welcome to this week in bitcoin today is November the 22nd 2019 straw hat bitcoin is the next bitcoin in motion oh yeah we got a guy whos in motion long term thinking apex predator being a unique beast oh hes a unique beast remember this is your home for insider Bitcoin information and yeah Zack ball is gonna bring you all the information hes got a strong hand he knows the big coins on confiscated well hello my elite friends hello my elite Zack ball welcome back on the show man thanks for having me its its been a while almost a year I guess we were saying but its good to be back thanks for having me glad to be here yeah you have been ripping it up on Twitter all this time he is linked to below by the way guys he may be about ten months or so since hes been on the show but I have actually used his tweets many a time so you guys should be familiar with him at this point but if not he is linked below follow him always doing a great stuff over in Twitter land and were gonna get into a specific tweet right now why would you well we started off with a current event here before we really do a deep dive and lets read a tweet of yours I love this one Im really glad the IRS is investigating compliance issues for Bitcoin ATMs because thats definitely a critical regulatory priority for an agency with limited manpower that barely understands Forks ouch okay so theres a lot that were gonna talk about the IRS but lets lets talk about yeah like why are they hitting on these Bitcoin ATMs all over the world will they really be able to stop some Bitcoin ATM in Africa yeah so the tweet was based on a couple articles I saw floating around one of them from Bloomberg I think and then it was picked up by coin Telegraph with some comments from one of the chief criminal investigation officers or something I remember his name at the IRS and theyre looking at tax compliance issues for between Bitcoin ATMs and kiosks and apparently this is theyre collaborating with multiple different branches of law enforcement I dont know all the details on this I just saw headlines and scan the article a little bit but obviously theres every couple months theres articles about how Bitcoin ATMs are growing in the US and around the world 3, 000 and 4, 000 5, 000 6, 000 Bitcoin ATMs around the world live now it just seems like a kind of a bizarre very niche area for the IRS to focus on in my opinion they may be there is like rampant money laundering or something going on with Bitcoin ATM use but it just struck me as a very odd thing for the IRS to focus on given that there is so much for them to so many other things that they could be working on understanding and issuing guidance on and even enforcing elsewhere in the Bitcoin and crypto space like for example understanding how to tax Forks and airdropped coins and all of that sort of stuff which as coin Center has written a little bit on recently their recent guidance which is like the only guidance theyve given since 2014 or something was was pretty bad in terms of how they understood or seemed to understand Forks and air drops and and how they want them to be taxed and and all of that so its just its very bizarre but sure go go after Bitcoin ATMs I guess more power to you yeah there there talk on me before the air drops the crypto dividends day it didnt seem like they know what the heck theyre talking about at all and then this announcement that theyre going after the big point 88 its a nice thing definitely so I mean in your opinion do they do they know what theyre talking about there or do a lot I mean they tried to make it out and some of their press releases Lee know weve got experts over here now but some of this stuff is coming out of there it seems like theyre totally clueless that theyre really behind yeah its its hard its hard to tell obviously and we get their signals that its its kind of a mixed bag like on some things some areas of tax enforcement they know theres stuff pretty well probably and theyre trying to go after highprofile maybe what you might call honey pots of crypto users like the John Doe subpoena for coinbase a few years ago and that sort of thing and even they subpoenaed Apple for all user downloads of any sort of crypto related app or whatnot so theyre theyre not totally sticking just ABS in the dark but they are still to some extent taking snaps in the dark like a bunch of letters that were sent around from the IRS that popped up on Twitter and other social platforms were just sort of very vague letters from the IRS saying we want you to review your tax returns because maybe you didnt file them correctly we dont know so they they dont know whats they dont know whats who hasnt paid their taxes and you has its just like I mean Im always an advocate like its not worth the risk for me I always pay taxes but at the same time like it if you didnt pay your taxes I mean Ive had spent to say this but like the IRS might just not have the manpower to enforce everyone enforce like outstanding tax liabilities for everyone who didnt file and everyone who didnt even file correctly let alone people who dont know if they filed correctly or not its just its just still a pretty big mess so I dont know if Bitcoin ATMs if I should be like at the top of the IRS is priority list but you know and whatever I think theyre trying to show you know were everywhere were big and you know but you should selfreport you you should be scared you should you sit over at honey pots and Ive actually used that before that term when describing this situation coinbase all the people balked at coinbase and sold at coin base and done it multiple times thats a huge honey pot the people at the IRS dont have to be too knowledgeable in order to audit those people okay thats thats not thats not a very skillful thing and coin base is gonna hand them over everything eventually so I mean if youre a person whos me whos a true cause yourself a traitor and its giving your social security that these social sharing numbers to these exchanges coinbase whoever yeah you they they are then you should be concerned about that you should pay your tax go definitely oh now win it luckily well luckily like the past couple years as Ive tried to file taxes its gotten substantially easier to do so thanks to like I mean theres a whole bunch like token tax or bear tax or like a whole bunch of different crypto tax programs that allow you just to connect apis from whatever exchange you use and they like pay a small fee and they calculate your tax returns for you its super easy so like I mean we all like to be super libertarian and our kiss but I also dont wanna Im not gonna be a hero and like not pay my taxes and go to jail or whatever so just pay your taxes its its easy enough but like you said all the people who are trading on coinbase and Kraken and Polonius and all these exchanges its a its almost as big of a problem maybe even a bigger problem for the exchanges themselves rather than the customers because the exchanges dont have any more guidance than we do on how to handle Forks and distributing Forks and helping their users pay taxes on the forks that distributed and whatnot like I mean we all remember the Bitcoin captain bass was a huge fiasco and they listed a couple other Bitcoin Forks and like the IRS has no clue how Forks work and these exchanges and taxpayers like us dont know how to file properly for it so its still a big mess but definitely if youre trading on exchanges theres tools to help you file taxes and you shouldnt you shouldnt try to go to jail if you can avoid itself anyway again if youve gone into back there realm the IRS knows Fiat okay and thats thats the huge honeypot they had there they dont have to do very much research to find out who has it who sold their their big point for fiat and whos and thats Im sure you know there is only a limited amount of people they have I mean and so you know they make themselves seem huge theyll get a lot of people reporting all sorts of stuff and then they can eat they can it wont take much talent to go after the people who forgot to report and forgot to report their fiat earnings I mean its its its pretty obvious if you sign up for coinbase you signed up to pay your taxes I mean thats ya know I think you remember that inter in terms of selling uh for Fiat alright good so we covered that pound that like button everyone so now lets talk about which would shall we talk about here another a big story out in in the realm of Twitter at least in the in the social media part of cryptocurrency and people ask me about this stock to flow guy all the time 100 trillion and people its like a Dogma when he says and you know its exciting his charts make big predictions and you know its all technical and its great its beautiful fancy sets and graphics all the stuff that made everybody drool okay hes gotta go and on he predicts people II Adam you gotta have one to show a link once its all out there and I mean people were hes got a Twitter account but hes not I dont have to be on the show but you had a comment about him on on Twitter and you said maybe this I dont wanna put words here but like me Im not blowing this guy Im not putting him on some pencil and saying its gonna its correct Ive always said bitcoins gonna be worth more in the future after future happens okay hold you know understand what happens are people if you dont if you dont understand what havings are and bite your worship this dude your little behind here so what did you what exactly do saying what do you think about the yeah yeah so I think while you were talking I just tried to find the tweet so I could remember exactly what I was saying and I was actually tweeting sort of more at safety than the 100 trillion USD a guy but safe team was that stalked a flow is meaningless for every other coin besides Bitcoin he says the real supply of a shake horn any day is decided by whatever the people behind them put in their algorithms on that day not their algorithms only Bitcoin supply is controlled by its algorithm because nobody controls it which okay I get what hes saying but yeah I just said your metric I used some colorful language but I said your metric isnt worthwhile basically if you cherry pick one how to apply it this is just embarrassing and I got a lot of negative feedback on that interpretation I like dr.

This week in Bitcoin. How to get a crypto job! Challenging 100trillion stocktoflow

flow is a useful measure for valuing gold and whatnot and its been applied to a couple other scares assets and people want to apply it to Bitcoin now to to sort of predict that I dont remember exact numbers but something not too hyperbolic in the range of like a hundred thousand dollars per coin by next year by 2021 or something and sure maybe that will happen and they have a lot of like you said heat this guy hunter trillion USD has a lot of very cool data visualizations showing how bitcoins price has tracked very closely with its doctor flow ratio and all of that so maybe itll happen but like my two combs with it our people like trust it almost religiously as if its like a prophecy that has no choice but to come true and they sort of cherrypick its application like sighs Dean did here where like so if you brought the point of my original tweet was internally this was when I was working at Masari and we ran stock to flow ratios for a bunch of other digital assets and Bitcoin stock the flow ratio is like you want sort of a high high stock to flow ratio there are lows dr.

This week in Bitcoin. How to get a crypto job! Challenging 100trillion stocktoflow

flow ratio if Im saying that correctly and a lot of other digital assets had much higher ratios than Bitcoin did which like I mean theoretically would say that the you you you you you you you hey Zack yo we gotta go cut off their yeah lets uh youre talking about that the high stock to flow over yeah yeah sorry about that yeah so we were running we ran numbers on some other like old coins and their stock to flow ratios and theyre higher than bitcoins which I mean I guess its sort of what you want to see like the hayasaka flow ratios if Im saying that correctly high or low but safe teens here is it only works for Bitcoin doesnt work for any other coin and that just seemed a little bit maybe intellectually lazy in my opinion like well why theres no real good answer for that and I would definitely at the very least encourage people not to sort of use it as such a strong price indicator of like a hundred thousand per coin next year like some people seem to be doing so its a cool like he has a lot of cool data visualizations this under trillion USD guy hes smart guy but maybe like I dont want to rain on anyones parade but maybe a little bit like just rain a little bit and maybe cool some of the like rabid excitement around stock to flow so yeah thats all thats good you we cant put we cant put people on pedestals it and worship them as kings around here because youre gonna be youre gonna be let down in the long run I think the guy isnt trying to do anything bad here I mean it just seems hes got a cult following its become almost the cult of whatever his name under trillion yes the cult the cult of us stop the flow and hey man I I hope it happens I hope I hope for the best but yeah Im not gonna Im not gonna worship the dude or anything like that so good now you brought up that you were at you were at Masari before and you there you did rode you did that analysis of all sorts of things uh even all coins at times he ahead of report on all coins or with at least using the names of all coins in a statistical report and theres some people and I just this is a question about big coin maximalism gone too far youre a dude who loves Bitcoin I mean you are a bit clinger you work for a company you they you had some reports that the mentioned some all points of people were offended they were calling you an S corner I dont want to say that word but they were all sorts of things but has it gone too far now or in terms of the social media aspect of being a Bitcoin maximalist when people are attacking you of all people I thought was crazy yeah I I i we could spend like three hours talking about this I have a lot of thoughts I think a couple things really quick I think like the markets and Twitter and everything is just like kind of kind of quiet like really quiet lately and I dont know if you know if you did the Twitter handle is just skew s ke W and theyre very cool data visualization sort of research company focus on mostly like derivatives in crypto like that data but they do a lot of other data and they posted a chart showing how like Bitcoin mentions on Twitter are just like at alltime lows like its its scary and people are just like kind of bored and a little stircrazy maybe and like you said maybe it has gone a little too far this sort of like crusade against s coins all coins coins we dont like coins that arent Bitcoin and like no ones dumb like we all know theres scams all sorts of scams all over the place in this space but like Im I consider myself a like a Bitcoin maximalist like I think Bitcoin is pretty much all I care about in the space like there are a couple other coins and teams doing things that interest me like I think grynn is interesting I think most privacy coins are sort of interesting I think block stack is interesting well see what happens with them I think theres just like things that interest me what I like by the ico probably not but I think its interesting but even for saying that some people on Twitter will report you block you call for your head all of that sort of stuff and its just a little bit outrageous yeah I dont know so anyway well through my work with Masari Masari is sort of a crypto agnostic company they work with a lot of different teams a lot of different tokens they want to sort of be like a bloomberg of crypto where any data you want on any coin or protocol or token or whatever can be found on their site and by working with them doing a lot of very important work good work trying to clean up the data in the industry and the quality of like news and content reporting in the industry and that sort of stuff people just got mad but I tend to like as a rule I tend to think people who get mad on Twitter arent really worth paying attention to because they probably dont have anything else to do with their lives like that you probably have to have kind of a pretty sad life if you just spend your day getting mad at random people on Twitter all day long so I dont tend to give it too much to mind but it is it does happen a lot more frequently now and hopefully it improves but I think as one last thing Ill say is I think as a result of all of this weve seen a lot of migration towards like social watch social conversation wise migration towards telegram and discord and signal where its a little more private a little more controlled and less out in the open like Twitter and mastodons which we use for a few months back then are just because people can be so toxic for lack of a better word its its its just over the top well pound that like button people Zak is telling it like it is I gotta say Twitter for me I use it as a resource I filter out all the nonsense of screaming you can learn a lot by really certain peoples feeds every single day I want you okay whats this q1 again how do you spell that yeah its just their pain and their Twitter handle is ske W just you its very high I think theyre a team of like two or three people I dont remember exactly but very high quality yeah your point about people getting stircrazy like there see Im not saying bitcoin is boring now or whatever but theres the there seem to be a lot of negative fun stories out there so that kind of sets the tone there it hasnt been a pump for a while whatever so people get it and people need action or just bored people need action people who are easily bored need action and they they get a little testy and they start yelling at each other for me its always learning so its never bore Im just use it as a as a learning resource but Twitter overall in the way beyond bigpoint way beyond cryptocurrencies most people use it as a way to get out passiveaggressive anger and whatnot so its its come to air space also but yeah Im Zack is is not hes not at all pointer although I he brought up by the member wendel stuff do you think nimble will do incorporated into Bitcoin at any point oh good question I used to have opinions on this I havent I havent thought about it in like a while so Im hesitant to answer I think like I think at a very high level a generic answer Ill give is obviously we can expect basically or privacy for Bitcoin to improve substantially through like maybe member wendel integration but especially things like snore and taproot and all of that and also like services like wasabi and samurai and other things but with a specific regard to nimble Wimble Im Im not sure I havent havent read up on recent conversation about that or thought about it in a little while so Im not sure but there was a lot there was a lot of which you might call thud around middle Wimble based on this one article posted a week ago and there was some fun I guess Im Manero but itll like itll be interesting to know that the two articles were for mineiro and nimble Wimble on people claimed to sort of break their security at privacy model and whatnot but privacy like everyone wants enhanced privacy and thats sort of why these protocols focus on it sort of came to be and well see if they can survive for another five or ten or more years but we can expect more privacy for Bitcoin and I hope the privacy coins do important work and serve their purpose because I mean the only exist because people want to speculate on their price and use them for privacy so whatever happens I heard the the middle Wimble of Revelation actually has been out there for some time its just someone yeah words I mean kind of made a scary article about it and Ill say that well in terms of privacy and Bitcoin becoming a more private that there have been people that have said that if its if its built into the base layer that it would it would scare off the corporate types and scare off the the financialization types so that that probably wont happen you know people be able to opt into the privacy what do you think of that well could that scare away institutions if it became like a truly private at the base layer yeah I think I theres probably a few people who have written about this but I think Nick Carter may have written one on this sort of like the coming tension between like institutions who want to use Bitcoin and sort of like rogue independent users who want to use Bitcoin for like other other reasons I like I think hes right thats inevitable and I dont know if like if basically our privacy improvements will Hank will cripple it will create that tension maybe to the degree people are expecting just because like Bitcoin base layer will never have very good privacy it cant have very good privacy because the supply of Bitcoin is so important to its value prop and the more private you make it the less able users are to audit the supply of bitcoin thats why Ive seen inflation bugs with Z cash and Manero and maybe even grin that has tend to say it X Im not exactly sure but the point is privacy coins have inflation bugs because people have a difficult time auditing their supply because the base layer is so private and we dont want that with Bitcoin so I dont think the privacy will ever become that big of a deal for bitcoins base layer but other like elsewhere in this stack like with wallets like wasabi or with second layer protocols like lightning those those are where youll find the privacy so institutions if they want maybe can stay working with the base layer and other users who want privacy you can go to other other parts of the stack to get it and thats thats sort of how the stack is designed anyway so I think itll work out well interesting you bring up lightning what whats your take on its its progress and youre now at block string 2 so we should I dont know if what theyre doing over there with lightning or if youre anything like that so so expand yeah yeah yeah so Im obviously I may be not obviously but Ive always been a pretty big fan of lightning pretty bullish on it still early obviously but like network usage continues to grow I think with narrative block stream specifically obviously block stream maintains the see lightning instance and our implementation I guess is the proper term I dont work with the lightning team here at least now I dont think I will much in the future but possibly but all these implementations of lightning or obviously important for for the protocol in all the different implementations to grow and mature and whatnot very bullish on it and excited to continually see cool apps being built for just a couple weeks ago someone built a completely anonymous like chatroom app where you can pay a couple thousand SATs and have 24hour anonymous chatroom hosted on there their lightning app the guys at Satoshi games have you had them on your show by the way or you know the Satoshi games guys Ive heard of them it would be great to have them I knew about that chat getting by the way that was a great I what was it yeah I include that in another article I guess I should find it again but no satoshi games tell us about yeah theyre theyre building like a fortnight type game with lightning integrations and you can win SATs on the by playing the game and whatnot theyre based in Latin America I dont remember exactly where but Ive super like a year and a half ago or so when I was still running a podcast that sort of got archived but I interviewed them theyre just like super friendly sharp game developer is building a cool fortnight like game for lightning theyre on lightning and its its its live now or its some people can sign up for the beta to play it and test it and yeah like definitely definitely interview them on here theyre theyre a great team and just one of many great teams working to build with lightning right now so I talked about that that this satoshi games before you you you pay to play basically you can win lightning right yeah yeah yeah yep thats pretty much yeah how it works and thats good thats mean I love that people were experimenting with this stuff who knows if that chatroom thing is gonna get big kudos if at least people are playing around with it we dont know what the killer the killer feature of litecoin is the killer app of lightning is going to be so keep on yeah keep on experimenting people thats thats what this space is definitely all about okay any other lightning thoughts before we move on with the block stream I dont I dont think so i think lightning is yeah laning so so what are you doing at block stream we had Niall on here telling us what he does hes marketing over there and everything and locked room is so legendary in the space because people come up with all these conspiracies about it here you go heres a real guy he works for them hes been on the show before hes not part of a new world order or anything like or whatever thats going on tell us about how you doing over there and what tell us its funny yeah its funny it was like I dont think it was related but I posted on Twitter that I I got a new job and Im working with blocks from now and then some aetherium fans like started rehashing these old conspiracies like you mentioned about how bitcoin is coopted by blog stream and all this stuff its I dont know its nonsense a lot like but blog stream specifically its like its honestly a dream job I like some people maybe dont want to work in Bitcoin fulltime but I think theyre sort of rare like most people want to work in Bitcoin fulltime and its theres a handful of companies that just sort of are like where you would want to work if you could had your pick and block stream for me at least is 100 percents one of those companies so Im very lucky and Im having a lot of fun I actually work pretty closely with Neil like right now Im just doing a lot of documentation rewriting that sort of stuff but touching on content with a few different teams and excited to see what else comes down the pipeline but its exciting like you said one of the best companies in the space and Im just yeah super lucky so Im having a lot of fun already and I plan to continue having a lot more fun in the future this dude is in motion he had a podcast and then he ends up working for these big big coin come working in the space how does one end up working in the space any advice on that to the people thats death yeah thats I was gonna post a Twitter thread about this but I mean Ill just Alps not post a Twitter and just share it on your show like Im Im a little so like I dont Im Ive been in Bitcoin for a few years several years I guess but Im not like like an OG or anything like that Im just like a regular guy and I tweet a lot but I just Im not nothing special all of that to say there are so many opportunities in the space and I know this because Ive I found them like Ive I found when I was looking for a new job do something a little bit more fun and more related specifically only to Bitcoin I like I found a dozen different jobs at least that would have been a lot of fun with great companies in the space like for example bitwise and and Casa and coin desk and a couple funds and exchanges and whatnot so to your question to get involved you honestly just have to DM people or email them or something and just reach out and ask because no one gonna like give you a job and come to you you have to just go out and get it and in Mikes like it takes a little bit of work but there are like Im not under estimate there are so many operatives in Bitcoin and a lot more and just like the crypto space generally but if you want a job you probably wont find your ideal first job in the crypto space on your first try or maybe even your second try but there are point being there are a lot of jobs so dont feel discouraged just like shoot some emails send some DMS and I can almost guarantee you something will work out because there are so many opportunities all right dudes that is some insider information thats why we got the best freaking guest in the space here you dont hear stuff like that just DM the people he is giving you proactive tips right there oh my god I love that I love what you just said no hardly anyone talks about you how to get a job into space yeah people dont come find you you go DM theres nothing shameful I get DMS all the time asking me all sorts of things do the same for the people that work these companies I get any any specific targets you have out there besides the ones you just just mentioned for people you think might be jobs for companies that are looking for jobs you have any specific other names out there and the other IQ I can I can maybe think of a list like after the show I just I cant emphasize enough like Ive Ive just and some people just like see a CEO of an exchange Im not going to name but I we had chatted a little bit on Twitter publicly and then I emailed her or maybe messenger on telegram and just said hey would love to chat sometime if theres a role at your exchange that makes sense this is my resume for your reference Id love to maybe work together if there is something that make sense and we chatted for a while had some great interviews there and that thats happened like multiple times for me at least and I dont have like a spectacular resume Ive just had some regular jobs and and done some research and that sort of thing but dont be like if youre shy no ones gonna give you a job dont be shy just send your resume to some people start conversations talk to people you might want to work for something down the road will work just just have to go for it a little bit be hungry in motion people in motion pan that like but one thing I mentioned actually on my audio only podcast I rarely do those most of these articles just get turned in the audio but I had people it was linked to a few shows back i theorize and Im pretty sure I love your take on this there are many Asian based companies out there in the space yeah they need englishspeaking marketing type of people I mean III suggested the people just you know hey go to some of these Asian based companies and just send em say hey Im a marketing guy I can do social media for you I can like you know they theres a lack of they have a hard time communicating with the western side and I think they would love to have a and you could work out your own deal with that maybe do you think thats possible type of thing out there opportunities yeah I think yeah I think if youre when youre looking for something like in my personal experience I dont have a problem saying Masari when I was looking I want it when I was looking to get involved in Bitcoin I only wanted to do Bitcoin and so working with Masari at first I didnt think it would be like my ideal job or the ideal company wouldnt work for it because I knew they worked with a lot of other token projects and whatnot I wasnt trying to enjoy too much but little did I know I made an insane amount of great friends and connections learned a lot was exposed to a lot and it turned out great and I expect sort of a even better similar experience with my new job now point being if youre looking for a job you dont find exactly what youre looking for its okay to take maybe a less ideal job because you never know in crypto specifically because you its a very small space and you never know who youre going to meet or what opportunities are gonna come across after you just take something and start working in the space and meeting people and doing it fulltime cant overstate the importance of that just take a job everyones hiring engineers so if youre an engineer you can take whatever job you want pretty much and if youre not an engineer just take take something and start working for a crypto company make connections and use it as sort of a launching pad to something else or stay at your first job encrypt for 510 years either way theres so many opportunities if you want to work in crypto I guarantee you you can find the job Wow this is a very positive stuff this is I love this type of information okay were good were gonna move more to the stuff that everybodys familiar with the news lets lets talk about the bigger story China what was your thoughts of recent China here yeah everyone Chinas always in the news for Bitcoin you can count on it and a lot of the huge like price spike that one day it spiked like 40 percent or something everyone thought it was because she Jing ping said blockchain is great now and we want to build on that or like just I dont know his statement I dont know how much that had to do with the price directly but Chinas at least from like a Western point of view it seems that the Chinese government in change companies are taking this stuff maybe a little bit more seriously than like American companies and regulators are and maybe thats just a frog product of them having a little bit more regulatory flexibility in terms of like US securities regulators are very very strict and we see companies leaving the u.s. all the time excluding US customers all the time even like finance had to create a whole separate exchange just to cater to us clients its its crazy and so Asian markets are a little bit more flexible in that regard but yeah China Chinas always in the news always crazy I think the one thing I would say as crypto Bobby who all who does YouTube crypto articles and stuff tweeted the other day he was like every time he lives in New York also here with me and he said any time he sees news about China he just always assumes the translation is wrong and he doesnt take an opinion on it until someone clarifies the news which i think is a pretty good way to read Chinese China news and Asian news in general about Bitcoin and crypto because there are so many any translation errors Westerners dont have great access to information to explain whats going on in China and Asian markets right now so if you assume anything here is wrong and wait for it to be clarified to probably be okay instead of I dont know believing some foot or getting bad information or whatnot its its a its tricky yeah thats a good technique there I like that technique hey by the way you said youre not an OG when did you get into Bitcoin when did you yeah so like spring or so like 2014 that college dude do that for for most people youre like a grizzled veteran people theres so many guys are like then a proud that they got in 2017 but there continues I guess so thats true I mean my so I found out about Bitcoin from my roommate in college he was a comp size student it had been in a Bitcoin like a couple or several years before he showed me about it I study economics among other things and he thought it would be interesting to me and obviously it turns out he was right but I like I remember 20142015 even 2016 guys would be talking about Bitcoin even one of the cofounders of Masari has been in Bitcoin since 2010 and like I bought my first Bitcoin for about two hundred and fifty dollars I think or something like that and I remember even then just thinking oh man Im so late like they bought the coin for 11 or 3 or something like that and I mean now here we are like 8000 or something but its yeah its crazy so I just I dont know theres so much to learn and I feel there like I still feel new to Bitcoin I dont I dont know its just been it Bitcoin works your perception of time so it feels like Ive been in this space for like two years maybe its just its all flown by very fast I mean like the the Bitcoin cash hard fork was like two years ago or something to and a half years ago yes and it feels like like 10 years ago or even just like a month ago its its crazy but yeah so thats my story yeah we value our time and have things around here youve already lived through having so man you are a veteran and yet the be testing was only two years and two months ago I was eight I was August 1st of 2017 or 3 months or whatever but it was August 4 so its it seems like 10 years ago but it was it was so recent so weve been through a lot a lot of people werent through that I will ask you this though since she were around in 2014 and 15 and 16 you were around leading up to the the previous having I gotta say that there are similarities between this time period leading up to this having coming up in 2020 and leading up to the 2016 having it you know it really everyone we reached the bottom and then we slowly started coming up and we had some troughs again and then finally there was the road to the have having hype started and it seems yeah we reached it and this time around seas like weve reached the bottom weve had some ups and weve had some downs but we havent had the having hype yet do you see their similarities yeah yeah absolutely I think I think like Im not a big trader and I like I obviously wheat YouTube you do to like encourage people not focus on the price too much or anything like that but I think like I think over the holidays coming towards the end of 2019 here we should like the havings in May we should see like that that hype sort of start a little bit and presidents even talk about this because I I tend to think like its not its not necessarily beat the price climb doesnt necessarily start because of the having but there obviously is some supply shock relationship there to some extent maybe but yeah so I I tend to think we should see sort of some some price climbing towards the holiday at the beginning of the new year and into the spring and then at the having summer and then after that who knows but I mean yes theres theres a neat theres an equal possibility that it wont happen and I yeah I mean who knows weve only had a couple havings and maybe this one will be wildly different who knows well Im Im pretty confident in the 210, 000 block theory you can go back to two hundred ten thousand blocks and the price in terms of US dollar is less so you pick any date and its its never you go back two hundred ten thousand blocks the price was always less so in terms of what will be we had the alltime high in December of 2017 so two hundred ten thousand blocks from then is going to be November of twenty twenty one so we shall see we shall see if November of twenty twenty one you subtract two hundred ten thousands of blocks if its if its more than we Im Im looking forward to seeing Im definitely looking for you Ive seen it and Im definitely I know the heaven type well start again yeah probably again you just like you said around the holidays beginning of the year did the mainstream media will wake up to this thing called the having again and all these people who are in the space who have no idea what it is when we start talking about it again and it creates a little hype and people start buying it and and and then once thought once it happens if the price goes down and then afterwards so it well see well see if its all cyclical again but you youve lived wrongful yeah strong hands until then though but now that well see thats exactly what I was gonna say I was gonna say strong hand youve lived through it before so you got a strong in alright well lets lets talk about some you havent lived through yet that is Facebook Libra do you think its going to happen do you think well get a fruit uh yeah thats a thats a good question I honestly dont know like I like month to month sometimes my opinions on that change sometimes I think they can pull it off sometimes I think the regulatory scrutiny and pressure will force them just to sort of abandon it and then again maybe like them abandoning it will actually help it launch because it will be even less like centrally managed and someone else will pick it up I dont know I I dont know I if I was like gun to the head had to bet one way or the other I would probably bet on it not launching more than it more than like launching but Im honestly not sure I dont know and and I think anyone who knows for sure it wont launch or it will launch its just making things up I I have no idea well since we were talking about price a little bit lets say they did announce if all of a sudden the government the lovely people over there like AOC and everyone just just they forget about it theyre like okay were cool with it now and its obvious that its gonna happen what would you think happens to the Bitcoin price yeah I think yeah I think it would be like pretty bullish because I think if Libra launches its not too big of a stretch of the imagination to imagine Facebook eventually implementing like buy and sell options are features for Bitcoin and maybe a couple other altcoins similar to something like what cash app supports now or you can buy Bitcoin with dollars or with Libre tokens or something else and then like there we have billions of people now with a brandnew way to buy Bitcoin that have probably never had the ability to before or at least definitely not that easily yeah that would be that would be pretty bullish I would say all right pound that like button let me ask you I dont know did you hear about Google how they uh theyre gonna help a bank out what was that story that yeah yeah I didnt read that news too carefully but apparently Google is interested in launching some sort of type of Bank or very happy building like a very close banking relationship with someone I dont remember exactly whats going on there but Forbes took it in some article and said this is why bitcoins prices price is crashing or something to that effect just classic everyone always searches for a narrative to support why the price does whatever it does but its its yeah it was one of those kill Bitcoin articles yeah again yeah I remember seeing that but but I bring it up because III do believe theyre theyre working with this back and theyre gonna help Banke be more efficient I think its the first step I think they want to have their own going one day III have no I want to go back to Libra first thing I have no problem with a company like a company like Facebook printing their own Tokyo printing their own money whatever you want to call yeah I think companies are doing I think companies should be able to do it just like nation states and let compete compete dont complain if Facebook gets let in do you think Google end up with one yeah I mean I tend to agree with you too like I think its probably enough that that situation is probably inevitable I dont know exactly the timeline for when we can expect something like that to happen but yeah definitely a Facebook gets the regulatory okay we can see will will probably see a lot of other large large tech companies building similar protocols in Libra well were just talking about China if China lets an array this is happening from what I can kind of tell Im not there but theyre theyre letting their tech companies have their own coin so I mean there might become clear sure there might be pressure on the Western world if the Chinese companies really are successful with that stuff just to letting that our companies have this earth the way the West companies have the same privilege I guess to do that so we we shall see ah now weve reached the end here I dont think I have any more question is there anything you that was that youd want to bring out that that wasnt brought up here any any events coming up anything you want to talk about no no events or news just I mean a lot of what weve talked about has been people speculating on why the price does what it does whether its because of the stock to float ratio or Googles banking relationships or anything in between its China food and I guess my parting comment would be to sort of take all that with the several grains of salt because people love to spin up narratives all of them with varying degrees of credibility and at the end of the day people only have very limited ability to predict the price will do what it does enhanced on what it does and whatnot so yeah dont pay attention to the no its cuz odds are most of it as noise yes avoid the crypto noise we really I really appreciate all your tips about jobs you can follow that that was really original stuff Zacks is link to below and I mean you send him a DM if you got questions about jobs or whatever Im sure you can give some tips anyway Zack thank you very much for being on the show again hes linked to below found that like button everybody bang that Bell button we do this this week in Bitcoin every Friday will get I think were going to be able to get back to the regular format again once Im back in the United States Im in Adelaide Australia going back to Baltimore next week it will be live from Baltimore hopefully okay everybody new show here every day besides this weekend between every Friday so subscribe to his channel like to like the article pal that like button banging that Bell button disrupt my shirt I call me on Twitter at fault to e CH BLT Im Adam I should make my meister the disrupt meister shabbat shalom well see you tomorrow well see you next week bye bye everyone see ya

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