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Top Financial Apps for Your Life and Business

Top Financial Apps for Your Life and Business

pTop Financial Apps for Your Life and Businessp phey whats up everybody Danny Lee you here and today I want to share with you some of the top financial tracking tools that I use in my personal finances as well as my business finances and and hopefully you can get some benefit in this as well now Ive been Im one to test lots of different software apps or tools out there its just something I find myself doing from time to time and so Ive tried a bunch of them out there online both free and paid solutions but the ones I want to talk to you today about are the ones that Ive come to back to time and time again some of them are free some of them are affordable low cost and affordable and Im going to talk about why I chose these top three financial tools that you can use as well so the first one is now if you are brand new to online bill payment or are tracking of your finances mint is the goto solution and its because its one of the the ones that has been online for the longest period of time so Intuit is the company and its very trusted company as far as financial software is concerned they also make quicken QuickBooks and the other app I want to talk about as well which is selfemployment the selfemployment app 4 into it as well so go ahead and check out you can connect any of your financial accounts most of your banking is supported so since its one of the largest and longestrunning financial application management softwares out there you can connect to a bunch of different account savings accounts your checking accounts and the investment accounts and so just head on over to and you can see you can sign up for free itll show you you get nice dashboards for spending categories it even does some basic budgeting as well so you can definitely recommend this to get started and the next one Im going to talk about is selfemployment now Im going to actually switch this over because this since this is related to intuit this is called QuickBooks selfemployed and so if you are if you dont have an LLC or an incorporated company this is a great tool to use I say its great because it helps you streamline your your financial management okay so by the by the end of the year you have your taxes you already know how much youre going to pay in your taxes you already know how much youre going to pay even on a quarterly basis you can do quarterly tax payments it allows you to connect to your to your to the IRS to be able to make estimated payments and so you can really make sure that youre not youre not in the red and and surprised and caught off guard at the end of the year when you owe taxes for your business now this is this is selfemployed so you know again its you dont have a business entity you dont have an LLC you dont have a corporation set up but youre using your own social security number or tax identifiers and you know the reason when you use this is because it helps you split your personal expenses from your business expenses really quickly okay so you can you really check that out by watching the free article of how it works and and and see if its right for you now it is a subscriptionbased software so you have to pay a little bit of things like fifteen to twenty dollars a month somewhere in that range and but you know it helps you automate the process of paying your taxes or calculating your taxes again so youre not caught off guard come tax time okay so definitely highly recommended you can even track your mileage if you are if youre driving to events and things like that so it does a lot of really cool stuff now the last one I want to show you here is wine app a wine AB is a great tool to use if you are really budget focused youre really trying to focus on getting every last you know I guess you call it youre getting the most out of every last dollar from your paychecks or any income that you generate online and I love using it because its number one focus is on budgeting so its called YNAB but it stands for you need a budget and so you and you when you try it out you can its a its all in the cloud its a its a webbased tool that you can connect to and it has some pretty simple rules here you give every dollar a job so youre able to as money comes in already a sign where that money is going to you know this is really great if youre getting if youre just getting started because it really teaches you discipline on how you stay budgeted and how to stay ahead of the ball when it comes to making sure that youre saving money and youre youre managing your expenses properly okay so it does a really a lot of great stuff youre gonna have to try it out they do have a free trial and it goes through everything from budgeting your dollar to eight the age of your money and seeing how long your money is building up your savings is building up over time so theres really great concepts that YNAB will introduce to you in the form of personal finance in the budgeting realm but i use it for my business as well so i have a budget for my business so what i make money on budgeting dollars for advertising or adult budgeting dollars for you know cover designs or graphic design work so its definitely worth checking out you can try it for free for 34 days you can check out the link in the description of this article and and also access it as well now if youre if youre listening to this in audio format definitely I recommend you subscribing to the YouTube channel for blackball entrepreneur and you can check out this article as well as so high level overview and how to get started with these tools the last I think I want to show you is just actually inside my why not account a little bits here real quick so basically once you create your account are you sign up for an account I believe its around 40.00 per year so its actually not that expensive compared to some of the other solutions out there youre just going to go ahead and click create a new budget and then youll call your budget Im just gonna call it ABC company all right and you can set the number of formats I dont believe they actually yes they do international support as well so you can change the currency if youre not in USD were just gonna leave that Im just gonna create budget and so it automatically puts a bunch of different categories here for you so if youre using it for personal finances great you can you can go ahead and and just reuse some of these or delete or update some of them categories but you can also change these categories so that theyre actual line items in your Schedule C so if youre doing personal if youre doing it for personal budgeting for your your taxes and your youre not a business entity yet youre going to have a form was what they call a Schedule C here in the United States if youre if your foot if youre filing for your taxes here and thatll help you itemize some of the expenses that you have coming in now thats a little bit more indepth of a article tutorial on that so Im not really doing that in here I just want to let you be aware that you can change these categories and make them anything that you want okay to do go ahead and budget for okay so definitely recommend checking it out give your budget your you can this generate some beautiful reports since theres no data in here you dont see anything but but I highly recommend checking this out itll help you stay you know above the the red so to speak when it comes to spending money that you have and not overspending its very important especially if youre if youre trying to set some goals here to maybe say for vacation or maybe youre trying to save to invest in a more expensive project in your business and its gonna allow you to do that as you as you get money coming in so I hope you enjoyed that sort of highlevel review the three tools that I use again for personal finances free use and get started with that if youre selfemployed and you dont have a business sanity yet I highly recommend selfemployed version of QuickBooks if you are already an LLC or a corporation then you can use QuickBooks the professional version or theres some other ones out there like zero not cash theres a theres a lot of different ones but I would recommend definitely recommend QuickBooks its very easy to get started and and then you need a budget one app to really get control of your budget and master your finances once and for all okay thats thats it Im Danny Lee you and I hope you enjoyed this article Ill see you in the next one take carep

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