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pUNBOXING PRODUITS DU DEEP WEB EPISODE 3 Big wad in the tracksuit, the time to fuck mothers is now! Hello everyone, its Killerafly Today I received a package from the deep web Frankly I thought it was a letter at first, but I thought I was going filming that because I have other parcels waiting So I will put them in a row when I receive them Im sorry for my voice if I sniff or whatever during the article because Im a little cold right now So that I confess I do not know at all what is it, I will discover at the same time that you because I ordered a lot of things I thought I would make a big article but hey So wait because there is my name and everything Ill show you this, actually it was a paper like that from RedBull I will show you here A paper from RedBull I thought it was RedBull who sent me something So There was a small square like that, with it, something like that It smells weed so I think its weed Ill tell you that sniff Its weird because its really compressed if its really that Wait because its in a weird paper So yeah that was good weed So Im going to have a hard time getting her out because thats how it looks Its way too much compressed I did not know I was going to get it like that So Ill try to open it and Ill come back after Yeah, I was not able to extract everything, you see there are still some Finally there are still crumbs Its really not easy to extract because it was really too compressed Look at that! Its thin never ordered compressed I did not know I was going to receive that like that For the delay it was more than 2 weeks and frankly I do not hide that I am un peu déçu, je vais la tester mais je vous cache pas que jai un peu peur Je pense pas que ça va être super bon It sticks a lot, it sticks a lot the strain is Ak47 X Kritikal Bilbo So here I am going to show you a little better if I get there She is purple in places Its nice I never took the purple weed But on the other hand I think that the effects will be mitigated because of the compression I will see for other packages because I do not know when they arrive I do not hide that the one I waited it was maximum 1 month of the coup I received but Im a little disappointed that we do not always get the product we expect we order on the deep web its the risks This is a bit of the purpose of this series in fact it is to show you a little how are going the orders on the deep web Thats all for this sequence Ill resume the article when I received the rest of the parcels i tell you ciao and right now So here it is I received the 2nd article I will still make a big parenthesis because a lot of things happened between the receipt of the first parcel and this one It was that I had to receive other things and not at all that but unfortunately there is a lot of parcels that I did not receive The first part took place in January and then its March 4th and I ordered dmt and other things but I did not receive And unfortunately I think there will be no 3rd article in this article, I already know what it is like you can see I already opened it I looked what it was but I did not have to get that basic Its just a detail but its pretty boring because there will only be 2 items in the article maybe 3 if I get there but I do not think I wanted to clarify one more thing is that contrary to what I thought after the compression of the weed I received she was super good But not very powerful, she put me well but not very powerful We will move to the opening of this package So I was pretty surprised the thing is that it is in a postcard lang zul I leven! You will live long in Dutch from Google Translate Inside, there is a folded paper full of times like that, it was not torn I did it I still apologize for my voice but Im still more cold than last time its still not gone I think its an allergy to something So heres the open paper, it was completely glued thats why I torn it So its extasy again So youll say hello originality all that 2 times especially that it was in the last episode but its not the same and especially its presented differently And thats the most important The principle of these articles is to show you the different things we can receive from the stealth maybe I do not pronounce it well Basically the packaging, the discretion through the product, the quality of the product and if we receive and as I already told you I ordered a lot of things That I didnt recevied So here I am going to leave because it is in a pouch and not in a plastic all closed like last time It is much more practical So here I took one Then the motive is the Maserati logo for those who know a little bit by car I would put a picture because it does not want focus But they are very small and green its 170mg, they look pretty good according to me And easy enough to carry If I only get that, like the article if you liked it, subscribe to see my other articles and comment if you want to leave a comment and ciao at the next Kissesp

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