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What are the Best Apps for Saving Money Mint Personal Finance Tips article

pWhat are the Best Apps for Saving Money? Mint Personal Finance Tips articlep pBefore we end, I would love for everybody to go around really really quickly and just list a couple of their favorite apps to save money this year.

What are the Best Apps for Saving Money Mint Personal Finance Tips article

So lets start with Melissa? Can we start with you really quickly? Sure, sure. So is obvious. But in addition to that actually, Google Calendars is one of my favorites because, and its recently one of my favorites.

I just converted from a paper calendar to online, but planning ahead, knowing what purchases are coming up birthdays gifts, events that you have to cook for, etcetera etcetera that is going to help you stay out of p p reactionary mode because reactionary mode is expensive. So any type of Google orany type of p p Googleany type of calendar system, and especially if its online is going to just help you tremendously. Alright, and Brittany Yes.

I am actually going to do something different and say save money on the interest that youre paying on your debt by paying off your debt this year, and I have a good friend, Jeff Rose, whos also a certified financial planner who has this whole debt movement going on. So p p you can go to and hes partnering with Ready for Zero, which helps people pay off their p p debts sooner by keeping track of all the payments, strategies to pay that debt off sooner, cause I p p mean, the more we can pay off our debt or the faster we can do it, the more interest were saving, p p and I mean, that can be a lot of money. Yes. And of course,

Of course! laughs Okay, Donna. Okay, Ive already mentioned via my hairdresser p p and please, please hope she uses it. But my other one is price comparison websites like p p because these not only look up the best price for you, they will let you set an alert p p if you want to buy, say, boys Levis jeans size ten. You type that in and say, This is what I want to p p pay, and they email you when that price point is reached.

It works for just about anything you want to buy, and p p you can also, in some of the price sites, will tell you what the price history has been so that p p youre not too out of line with your amount, and at least one of them will let you apply p p for a refund. I think its called If the price goes down and within a certain amount of time they will p p email you and tell you how you can apply for a refund because you didnt get the lowest price. p p So I think those are great sites. Thanks!

Okay, and Margaret. Aright. Im a superfan so Im going to get p p that out of the way right at first thing. This is the best panel ever!

I know, its amazing! laughs So the second thing I would say, you know I p p gotta plug Buystand. Its a great way to shop within your budget And then my third thing, just again really quick, I love bank apps. I love getting a text message every morning with my bank p p balance in there so that I have a daily reminder of where Im at too. And I want to ask Justin for his apps, but Justin, you p p have a specific question that just came in, I know youre.

Oh brother. I know. So it says, this is from Tom B.: For p p Justin, any other tips to save money on house bills during the winter?

Practical tips. Practical tips. Well, I think for those of us not p p blessed with living in warm weather the draft thing, as I said whether youre doing it with a tube of cloth, p p doing it with a rolled up towel, thats awfully helpful.

The thermostat drop, thats another big one. You can find p p a whole slew of tips on that focus specifically on how to save money during the winter monthsreversing your ceiling fan, Theres so many really easy things. A lot of people think that shutting off a room and shutting of the heating vents p p in that room is actually something that will create more heat in the house. Thats actually not the case.

So you want to make sure, theyre there for a reason. p p Your furnace was designed to have that flow built out So when youre doing that youre actually increasing or potentially increasing p p your heating bills and making your house heat less efficiently. That furnace thing I mentioned is well, something thatll p p help your furnace work a lot more efficient. And one last thing on that, everyone thinks that cranking p p up their furnace, Im sorry, cranking up their thermostat is going to make a real difference in heating up p p the house.

It does not make a difference. Its not like your car where its going to cook yourself in your house at a lot faster rate. Your furnace works a p p little differently and is more of a gradual heat so set it the temperature youre trying to seek out and go from there.

So what temperature do you think is ideal for keeping your p p thermostat, I hear anywhere from sixtyeight to sixty degrees. I mean, thats a big difference. I think it comes down to personal comfort, they type of insulation. p p I mean, I dont want to nerd out here, but theres a lot of factors. For me, you know, Im in Colorado, its p p been ridiculously cold lately so we probably touched it up a little higher just so my wife and I can stay a little toastier as we p p you know, curl up, but you know, its total personal comfort.

I do want to mention on the app side though, p p I will echo everyones comment about the Mint, and I did want to also echo that part about p p the bank software. I think its incredibly helpful to have those numbers in front of your face on a regular p p basis so you always got your finger on the pulse. I would love to shamelessly plug BrightNest app, but our mobile p p app doesnt come out until the beginning of March so thatll be for next panel. Cant wait.

I have a couple tips if thats okay. I did p p a piece for Frugal Nation called Surviving the Thermostat Wars. When somebody in the family is always cold and always p p turning it up and somebody else is always hot A couple things: If your feet are warm your head will be warm p p so get really good wool socks and wear them all the time. Also wear a layer under your jeans or your slacks. You can get p p silk long underwear.

You can get just plain old thermal, but really one extra layer makes a huge difference, and when p p youre not chilled youre not turning up the thermostat and drink hot drinks a lot. You know, p p have hot coffee or tea nearby, probably tea. Make sure that if necessary get a lap robe or get p p one of those heated throws because seriously, if youre turning up the heat all winter long youre going to pail out of p p money, and by the way Im broadcasting from Anchorage, Alaska, and I am wearing wool socks. Well, Im a huge fan of the winter so its long underwear I have to p p say, and they are very warm and thin enough to wear under skinny jeans. Alright, I actually have a question now for.who is this for?

For Brittany. p p Let me pull it up. Okay this is from Josh H. And he says, Once Ive saved and have a sizable chunk of change p p what is the best place to put it in the economy? Assuming Im saving for a large purchase such as a car or a house.

So it sounds like Justin wants to save a large chunk of change. Where should he keep it while hes saving? Well, if its a short term goal, which it sounds like it is.

Car is p p probably in the next year or two. Home, maybe less than five years? You really have to keep it liquid, so you have to keep it p p in some sort of a cash account that you can get into.

I love online bank accounts. High yield accounts because they do p p offer a little bit more interest than our normal banks that we go to. So maybe just opening up like p p an ING account, a high yield savings, or looking at any certificates or CDs that he has available to him at his own bank, but p p you dont want to invest that money if its going to be used in the next few years. You dont have the staying power p p to stay invested in anything like longterm like a mutual fund or stock or bond if you need that money next year. Okay!

Thanks for your tip. And I p p have another. Were getting question now guys! Okay.

So this is a question for Donna from Megan H. She says, I love p p that website app on saying no to purchases and immediately putting that cost into savings. What other tips do you have on saying no? Its p p so hard when those cute shoes are in your hand.

Oh gosh. Okay. One thing is I have this filter I apply. If I pick something p p up in a store I have to put it in the cart or walk around the store with it for five or ten minutes holding it.

Or say, Im going to come p p back to this is five or ten minutes, and generally it does lose its luster. If it doesnt you have to apply that other filter which is: do I need this? Can p p I live without it? Do I have something at home that will do just as well and if I really do need this is there any way I can p p get it more cheaply.

Somebody mentioned thrift stores, Freecycle, Craigs List. Can I borrow? Do I really need a p p power washer or can I borrow my brotherinlaws and save all that money? Another is that if youre p p shopping online, this is an interesting tip Ive heard about. Put it in your shopping cart and come back to it in a few days p p because you may change your mind, and what also might happen is the manufacturer, sorry, the retailer is so anxious to make a p p sale theyre going to email you a coupon.

Theyre going to say, Oh Brittany, I noticed you bought this fabulous stuff p p and its in your cart. Howd you like 20 off? So then dont make that the reason to buy it.

You know, its not a bargain if you dont p p need it, but you will often get a little more incentive to close the deal as it were or theyll offer you free shipping. Mostly I would say to p p say no because my daughter whos also a blogger at When we went to the financial blogger conference p p and we were asked for some thoughts and some takeaway she said, Remember that the future you is p p going to be judging the current you harshly. Put it this way: Nobody at seventeen lights up his first cigarette and p p thinks, Hey, if I keep this up Ill be lugging around an oxygen tank in fifty years.

No. They want the cigarette, p p and they want it now. Its the same with shopping.

I mean, for whatever reason were buying it, we may not be p p buying it with the smartest or the least cloudy intentions. As somebody mentioned earlier, when your emotions are clouded p p or your judgement is clouded, dont shop then. Great tips!

Lets see. Let me make sure were done p p with questions before we wrap up. One more. Okay. This is for Margaret.

This is from Sarah D. She says, Could p p you give me some practical ways to use a tool like Buystand? Okay, absolutely. I think that, you know, if you first of all going and taking a p p look at the site is the first step to see kind of what we have available, but of course, any sort of adventure sporting gear. You know if you have p p a passion for skiing or for hiking or camping or something like that and youre looking for a great price then I would absolutely do p p a little bit of price comparison before you come to Buystand, and then find the product that you like and then p p you have the opportunity to make an offer.p

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