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p BITCOIN DUMPS TO 4000 USD? BE CAREFUL FOR THE FOLLOWING 5 DAYS! WHY WAVES PUMPS? Ferrum Reviewp p As the bitcoin falls, how many thousand dollars can the target fall to 4, 000?

And why will the next 5 days be important at Bitcoin? And while all this is happening to the Waves investors, among which I am.


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Fill out the form below, if you have not subscribed to my channel, subscribe immediately and tap the bell. Like and comment on my articles. Now well start with Bitcoin and then continue with Waves, but those who follow my articles closely will remember, but it was an important detail that I gave a direct history of the future of Bitcoin.

Lets just recall a short part of a minute. Here comes the article Now, my friends, I shared this article 2.5 weeks ago on December 2, and at the point we arrived, this fibonacci time zone that I drew worked, and stay on track for new dates, but we are not out of the pot. The dangerous process continues, my friends. Therefore, I think the next 5 days will be critical.

And, for example, the bollinger band was narrowed, although we couldnt say for sure, it was showing signs of decline. Its supposed to be able to stay at least over 7500. Since we could not stay, the doors of the 58006200 support zone have been opened for a long time. By the way, I change numbers very often. I might throw extra numbers between them, but I usually draw a long way to be consistent in my articles.

Lets walk together on this road, I say Im going to update in between. Anyway, I think we might be down to 58006200, because thats the next support zone. If it breaks here, its really a nuisance, six empty.

Well, in such a scenario, we could say hello to 4000. I am trying to show a way without giving investment advice as much as I can. Whichever event we have to wait for, what else should we try to give them. Anyway, but even though I pronounce 58006200, then 4000, Im hopeful despite everything.

There are two reasons for this, the first is the picture that comes up when we look at Bitcoin from a wide angle. Bitcoin has been dreaming for a long time in the descending wedge, which has been going on since June 26, since it returned from 13800. But those who know, of course, will always be certain, although we can not say that the end of this wedge usually rise. Lets see, this wedge is getting tight. Generally, the more it gets stuck, the harder the subsequent effect can be.

The second reason Im hopeful, my friends, depends on the first reason. You will know that in May 2020 there will be a halfblock of Bitcoin, and the miners will now earn less Bitcoin. This will have basically two effects. Firstly, miners can move to mining to earn more Bitcoins before May 2020, which can increase the degree of production difficulty we call the hash rate. Secondly, after May 2020, the miners sales pressure on the Bitcoin market will be reduced by half.

As you say, you are, for example, a Bitcoin miner, for example you produce and sell 10 Bitcoins per month. What happens when you sell thousands of miners like you, there is a pressure to drop Bitcoins price. After May 2020 you will be able to produce only 5 Bitcoins per month instead of 10 Bitcoins. You will no longer be able to create as much sales pressure as before.

This is certainly a pleasing development for those who hold Bitcoin and expect the price to rise, but this market is open to all kinds of manipulation. So I always say plan B, my friends. On the other hand, we said that the halfblock is already being entered into a worldwide expectation. It was in the previous 2016, not yet, but the movement started. When you look at the search details, Bitcoin has experienced a huge rise in terms of half the price of the block, such as when, on Google searches.

If we were to gather Bitcoin before moving on to Waves, my friends, it would be important for the next 5 days because of the issues I said, as critical. I think the tough battle of the bulls who want to rise in Bitcoin and the bears who want to fall will continue. You may want to take a position according to it or at least be more careful in this process and follow the market more closely.

Quick updates iDont forget to come to my Telegram channels and group below this article. You can also ask questions below this article. Now lets move on to my friends Waves. Waves will talk about why they have been increasing regularly lately, whether its the right time to enter. First of all, my friends are not very new on my channel, but there is a very detailed Waves review I made about a year ago.

You can reach that article by writing Crypto Dictionary Waves to YouTube. You can even watch that article first and then come back here. My friends, Waves is a platform coin, a Russianbased business that has its own Blockchain, a subcoin that you can easily produce your own altcoin for, without requiring any code knowledge, unlike the Ethereum, as I said, a Blockchain. If you havent watched my previous article, watch it.

The subcoin group Blockchain Capital was expecting to leave had DeFi, coins focusing on decentralized finance, and Waves is one of them. The other main uses of Waves are the voting system, payments, the concept of decentralized autonomous organization DAO, for example, the use of this organization for driverless cars to interact with the environment and games, identification system. Well, if we talk about Waves price, Waves was a coin that ran over 2 a few months ago when Bitcoin was 910, 000. In fact, at that time I would buy around 2.25 and sell around 2.50. Waves, by the way, yes, I think its a very characteristic move, if its on a road affected by the general market, a coin that is more or less predictable that they can do in a certain period.

Waves said that Russia has begun testing Blockchain usage with the energy sector. They started a pilot program with a Russian electricity company called Rosseti. The goal is to start an automated and more transparent process between energy providers, suppliers and consumers, and within this partnership, Waves has to develop formulas to calculate total electricity consumption.

They also sought to resolve the distrust between producers, intermediary companies and consumers. And, for example, consumers dont just pay according to the electricity meter figures, but those meters that are caused by problems on the company side may not always measure correctly. They call it damage to companies. As a result, Waves role is actually heavy. As a huge country, Russia needs to eliminate the cases of information manipulation in the energy market and offer a transparent process.

Who knows, if he succeeds in electricity, maybe he can move to other sectors like water. My friends Waves seems to be rising because of the heavy role he has undertaken, and he has touched around 1 again in a very short time from 5060 cents. I saw that there were no rumors before this incident. Direct news came and the news was priced, or if the rumor had come before, the rumor would have been priced earlier, and the news could have fallen.

You know the rumor, buy it in the news. Apart from that, my friends, I would like to talk to you in this section as a sponsor without giving investment advice. The link is below.

You can also look at it by clicking on it, but among its partners are Bitmax, Dash coin, Gemini, Hydro and Dao maker. Lets say it first. First of all, my friends say in coinmarketcap, Ferrum describes himself as follows. An ultralowcap DEFI, a decentralized finance project, and lets go through it again.

Blockchains oneclick DLT. Distributed Ledger Technology. So distributed notebook technology. Blockchain is a form of this and a DAG.

DAGd blocks have no structure, like a tree. Both are decentralized notebook technology, both decentralized, but as I said, the paths they make to the same destination are different. Here Ferrum says that we can also work with the highest level DAGs and say we have a unifying, integrative ecosystem. When we look at the general characteristics of Ferrum, it is expressed with high speed, low cost, a new generation protocol designed to connect to many Blockchain, integrated financial products.

In fact, the problem that Ferrum is trying to find a solution is exactly the exclusion. Banks, investments, stable currencies, etc. are still not very accessible to the majority of the population, and thats where our products allow people to control their financial lives. Of course, I share with you their information. You can also get detailed information from the link below this article.

There is also the Kudi Stock Exchange, which was launched in partnership with my friends Ferrum. Although this stock market is aimed at Nigeria, the Winklevoss brothers have a partnership with the Gemini stock exchange and the stock marketThere is also Naira support, which is also a currency. Ferrum also states that users can make crypto money transfers with zero transaction fees and make fast and secure group payments in an automated way. I also told you in Ferrum that there are financial products, there is also an Unifyre wallet outside the stock market.

This wallet is linked to Infinixy DEX, which is a decentralized crypto currency exchange, and has the ability to trade without OTC. Another financial product of Ferrum is my Subzero wallet friends. They say this is a cold wallet, as the name suggests. He says to keep your coins offline on your Android device with military level security, but I dont look too hot. Because neither iPhone nor Android can not fully entrust your coins.

Of course, you can use it for a gateway, but today, the iPhones bootloader lock due to a hardware vulnerability hacklenabiliyabiliyor, hackers can do what they want on Android again with similar vulnerabilities in such an environment completely Android or iPhone embedded mobile wallet does not make much sense, especially a popular wallet If this happens then more distress. Because the more popular, the more hackers can target. And if we talk about Ferrums own coin, and the emotional part of it, Ferrum is bought and sold on the Binance, Bitmax and the decentralized Idex exchanges. According to Coinmarketcap, there has been a volume of 48 Bitcoins and 2, 600 Ethereum in the last 24 hours.

On the other hand, my friends, Ferrum again as a new development that Vite made a deal this month, according to information I received. Vite is a decentralized ecosystem and e Ferrum is a multiparticipatory network for financial applications. These two projects decided to support each others products and tokens and went to a partnership.

According to this partnership, the erc20 version of the FRM token will be listed on Vites decentralized exchange, and Vites wallets will support these token. In contrast, the Unifyre wallet I mentioned earlier and the Infinity decentralized exchange will support the Vite token. According to the statement, Ferrum will probably help Vite explain it to the African market. Vite, meanwhile, voted to be listed on Binance and won.

5 days ago Binance said that Ferrums partner Vite can now be bought and sold in Binance. Finally, if we take a look at Ferrums roadmap, my friends, in the first 3 months of 2020, the public test network, tesnet, needs to be published. In the third quarter of July to August in September, there is also the Sub Zero wallet that you mentioned, or they plan to implement the cold wallet project on Android. My friends, of course, are talking about a job that has not yet moved to the mainnete, that is, they have a long way to go.

Of course, this road is not as easy as it is in every job, sometimes they can be very successful in this way and sometimes things may not go as they want. Thats life itself. So we need to know the risks if we do. Especially for crypto money, everything may not work to your expectations.

There is no guarantee that it can work. Ferrum also has Telegram channels, if you wish, you can get information by joining the Telegram channels. Below I add both the website address and the Telegram channels.

This parts been a little long. So if you want bonus information and comments and questions from you let us skip the corner for today but continue on full throttle from where you left off on Friday. Baybay.p

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