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Why you need to start using Bitcoin

Why you need to start using Bitcoin

pWhy you need to start using Bitcoin I love Bitcoins, Im really into Bitcoins right now be poised new technology and what the problem you into a new technologies theres always people home already to get into the new technology you know like when the internet came out there was people go on now up i think is going to be popular email came out with a light now ah this get a catchall and now be called comes out people like I become a are you sick of being wrong get on the strike here I if you dont know what a big coin is right using the white people describe ease digital cash its money for the Internet right I like to cite its banking lights all all other convenience none of the evil right would be calling it said having bank is all politicians were controlling your money you get rid of them is have a computer program peco Italys pic program basically its Matts which is good you can trust maps you know like ya math what yes was to bluster masses 4 not always says two plus two is for you ask a politician you know whats too close to everything I from a on my cat 5 the some lobbyists some lobbyists shows up like I make a fifteen the the you ask a bank you know what stir bluster was like well I can tell you but as a fait the also i can only tell you during banking hours 1002 which is a Thursday from a rope when bankers politicians control money I used to like help their friends ah bitcoins good because neutral treat everyone the site very fair cuz its maps mass is very fair in it like you never see him at Sage going yep 6.6 36 set for barry the different for you like a big toy did was very portable which is crichton you will get that like I was tell my friends that because I like what her digital digital money has a great work Michael what we gonna be walk around carrying computers on us on my call you mean like this I reckon people work out how to do this and I i live in love my backup Mike really can you play Tetris on its thats what I got going on been calling I those rikers open source program that means Ill you can open up I to get any part you want you can just investigate anything that youre interested in op like try doing that at the back you know next time they renting out the ATM just jump in the armored car whats going on looking around when you buy some would be calling it small private than with credit cards route was good because you know credit card to buy stuff online banks and government second store to see what you doing I could cause problems on danse like the other wake aborts books on Amazon about the Middle East came up with this thing going you know customers who bought this item also bought a trip to guantanamo by the they just didnt realize a C more more stalls are accepting be calling now you by like socks you can buy calls you can hire a plumber you could hire you do I make all I I will work for big boy although I should say Im a comedian I would work for sandwiches Im pretty poor huh uh for everything about be calling is right it the banks not in control anymore banks electro comes at a good price make its Im using my money mall i why you know when I go online and i buy like on our pair socks if I paid with a credit card just buying stocks right if Im by those shocks with be calling its ok revolution the I am sticking it to the man bad walk around people like Im like oh whats that on your face unlike of freedom the by go are mad about Brit calling and thats why I put together something corporate comedy one point are its a collection in my best jokes about Greek coin fiat currency and the Internet plus a whole bunch a bonus comedy material you can get right now for fractional a bit coin my website Michael Connell dot com dollarayear that Michael Connell dot com dollarayear go get itp

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