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Why Youtubes New Logan Paul Inspired Punishments Matter, North Koreas Propaganda Machine, and More

pWhy Youtubes New Logan Paul Inspired Punishments Matter, North Koreas Propaganda Machine, and Morep p Sup you beautiful bastards hope youre having a Fantastic Monday welcome back to the Philip DeFranco show and lets just jump into and the first thing were gonna talk about today by far one of the most requested stories from over the weekend And that is the massive announcement from YouTube regarding YouTubes changes changes that seem very much inspired from the recent, Logan Paul Controversies if youve watched the show you know the backstory of Logan Pauls suicide Exploitation scandal that was unfollowed by Logan doing pretty much everything we predicted that he would do Beforehand for his Redemption tour donating money fluff piece interview putting out a article where there was there is sympathetic music with a sympathetic Figure also him using his punishment of being removed from the Google preferred ad program as a way to further pushes merchandise oh Is that but of course what I did not predict was that he would? Immediately just throw himself back into past behavior this horse article back bragging that he gained a million subscribers during a three week break Thing jokes about swallowing Tide Pods on Twitter even though.

Why Youtubes New Logan Paul Inspired Punishments Matter, North Koreas Propaganda Machine, and More

He then deleted it Im putting on a article where he was messing with dead animals one of fish the other rats that he tasered I made him the recipient of a lot of outrage including outrage from PETA which I will say from the beginning I often find PETA to be a kind of ridiculous. Hypocritical organization at many times they hell blow this story up They got a lot of traction and then YouTube respond official YouTube creators Twitter tweeting in response to Logan Pauls recent pattern of behavior Weve temporarily suspended ads on his channel And that was soon followed by YouTube blog posts that outlined what they called additional steps writing today. Were outlining additional steps We may take beyond our current strike systems when channels upload articles that result in widespread harm to our community of creators viewers an advertiser also they dont mention Logan Paul by name in the blog post But youll see it is about him on premium monetization programs promotion and content development partnerships We may remove a channel from Google preferred and also suspend cancel or remove a creators YouTube original realass left off there with Logan his His original was suspended despite headlines saying that it was cancelled I havent heard super super recent talks But inside of the community just a week ago there were people saying that it was barely suspended But then to monetization creator support privileges you may suspend the channels ability to serve ads ability to earn revenue And potentially remove a channel from the YouTube Partner Program including creator support and access to our YouTube spaces and three And this is probably one of the most important ones regarding people like logan article recommendations We may remove a channels eligibility to be recommended on youtube such as appearing on our homepage Trending tab or watch next now the reason this would be huges people like logan paul have actually grown because of controversy Thanks to the YouTube algorithm. Seemingly promoting articles that are shared a lot off site Which is happening because a lot of news websites are covering Logan Paul.

Theyre embedding his article Thats why weve seen Logan Paul trending number one on YouTube during controversy when people are angry at him while hes popping up and Recommended why hes popping up and watch net this also appears not to be a step Theyve taken against Logan Paul because after this was announced Logan Paul did not release a new article instead just just posted an update on usually and once again even people who were not subscribed To Logan Paul got this update on their home feet so it appears They realize that the algorithm really is promoting people that are in the center of controversy But they didnt take this extra step my response to most of this is positive with an asterisk on and the main reason for that asterisk is if YouTube continues being Transparent about their moves YouTube either needs to make public announcements like they did with Logan and I do believe that them Enacting things like this should be outlier situations like a Logan Paul situation andor there needs to be an email or something Thats in our dashboard that lets us know that were being affected in this way if YouTube makes a decision like this and the reason For that is YouTube creators have unfortunately been trained by YouTube to not be trusting of YouTubes um creators based on what they say the content they put out feel like they are playing by a different set of rules with YouTube and well I think most people agree that people like Logan Paul need to be kept in check because they do a lot of harm to everyone That is not them we also have to make sure that on the opening of this door other creators Not hurt, which other creators are still hurting from previous changes. Where YouTube is. You know updating algorithm the algorithm is learn I mean while tons of small creators livelihoods are held in the balance while YouTube figures it out That said that is where we are right now regarding the situation.

Well see if there are more updates If there are any more stories that blow Obviously I know a lot of you get excited when we cover stories like this I am I hate it because all it does is make our community look ridiculous Not all of that said I do want to pass the question off to you. What is your takeaway from this situation? Are you happy with this move from YouTube? Do you think that theyre gonna somehow mess it up?

Id love to know your general thoughts also connected to this I know a lot of people want me to talk about the Casey Neistat Interview of the CBO of YouTube Robert Kinsel do have feelings on it I do I do have responses on it what I would I would like to say to Robert and anyone else at YouTube if you would be willing to have someone like me Interview you I would be more than happy something I said to KC before he did this interview Its all about the followups when you have an executive whether it be YouTube anywhere else They know the toplevel talking points and ultimately if you boil down YouTubes top level talking points, its we take this matter seriously We are working on it, but then you have to follow up. How are you doing it? Have you done it in the past?

What did you learn? What hurdles? Do you have what kind of timeline? Are you looking give us any specific about what youre doing or specific situations. Weve seen on site.

Thats where youre getting real answers Thats how you really kick the tires and understand Im not trying to discount what Casey Neistat did here just just YouTube even opening the door in this manner is fantastic Its a Robert or anyone else thats high level at YouTube Casey nice that has also tweeted the same point it was interview with me Ill put the pressure on you, but I think that at the end of the day Well both learn from each other and hopefully the audience will walk away feeling like theres some answers, but from that I want to share some stuff I loved today and today in awesome brought to you by Squarespace Squarespace of course fantastic place where they need a domain a professional website an online store whatever use their intuitive and easytouse allinone platform Youve got nothing to patch Upgrade or install ever so if you want to check it out the committee from the nation already have start your free trial go to slash fill And if you really like it use offer code fill for 10 off your first purchase and the first bit of awesome We got today was a trailer for a movie on Netflix called the ritual movies out right now if youve watched the vlog editor Jason Was the one that recommended them so far has a 100 track record for recommending scary or weird movies So Im excited if you in the mood watch it Let me know what you think Im excited to watch it then on the lighter end of awesome We had Kevin Hart interviewing levar ball And it is Amazing far ball is one of the only people on the planet that by comparison Kevin Harts Personality seems timid then we had the channel look mom no Computer without a article called the Furby organ a musical instrument made from Furbies. It is as amazing or for you Maybe horrifying as it sounds, then we had the channel so I had this idea make their very own boring flamethrower Which I dont actually act. I share this article. Im second guessing this move then if you need a little cute awesome We got a new article from Lucas the spiders called musical spider, and its hard to watch any of these articles and not smile Its just I dont I dont think its possible if you want to see the full versions everything I just shared a secret link of the day anything at all links as always are in the description down below And then lets talk about our do bag of the day Which I will even say from beginning calling this person a douchebag seems like the most underwhelming comment I could make in this story.

This is this is a monster This is a story about Brian, Roberto Valero the way the story goes if 18 yearold Alyssa Maness ADA She goes to a party on Saturday February 3rd Its at a mobile home park in Washington, and its there she meets Brian according to Brian, Alyssa Just broken up with her boyfriend, and she went out partying and wanted to hang out with it, Alyssa was there She reportedly snorted a line of crushed percocet pills and then Brian gave her a dab of liquid THC and reportedly within a minute she collapsed and was unconscious now instead of getting help for her Varela allegedly raped her she also took several photos of her partially naked Unconscious and bluelipped on his bed and texted those pictures to friends in a group chat the text allegedly read, lol I think she Oh deeds still breathing Im smashing her to pass the time Then the next morning Varela showed his roommate the dead body on his bed and told him what happened his roommate said he told him To call the police when instead virologist went to work at double shift at Dairy Queen band while at Dairy Queen Pharrell reportedly bragged to A coworker about what happened saying she died having sex with me He also reportedly said that he considered taking her to a hospital But he didnt because he was quote too tired and just went to sleep He then went on to describe how he broke the victims legs to stuff the body in a plastic crate and talked about a plan to bury her that coworker Then later saw a Facebook post from the victims mother Looking for her missing daughter as they saw that they went to notify the police early Tuesday February 6 deputies Then arrived over Ellas mobile home two hours later. They arrested him They very quickly located the victims body in a plastic crate when confronted by authorities where I admitted that Alyssa seemed quote out of it During sex after she died He said that he washed her body to try to remove his DNA from her claim that he went online to research how to get Rid of a dead body also saying that after reading the Facebook post from Alyssas mother He used her thumb to unlock her phone and update her snapchat tried to make a post to make it look like she had run Away afterward he threw the phone into a construction zone behind the Dairy Queen detectives have now found the phone Theyre searching through it Briella has been charged with manslaughter homicide by controlled substance and seconddegree rape brian is now in jail bail has been set at 500, 000 and oh my god. This is a horrifying story I mean I know the word sociopath gets thrown around for anyone these days But this seems like a sociopath also while Im glad the coworker went to police What about everyone else in this story friends that he texted and sent pictures his roommate that saw a dead body I mean Its easy to look at Varela and go oh my god This is this is a monster throw this person in the garbage But what about everyone else that enabled or just sat there and let it happen it didnt report to the police I didnt do the right thing two and a half three days past you can say what you want about backing your friends But if your friend is raping a girl thats dying and then bragging about it I think you choose not to be a garbage person and protect this monster you do the right thing then very briefly I want to mention something that surprised me from the current Winter, Olympics, North Korea Kim jongun sister the North Korean cheerleaders Theyve received a lot of positive press coverage Its not just the media people on Twitter praising Kim Jong Uns sister for throwing shade at Mike Pence Oh my God look at her resting bitchface went around Mike Pence hashtag saying. No, are you people insane.

I dont care What you think about Mike Pence none of that should ever lead to you being like yay, North Korea? This is all a charade. This is all propaganda any of this fool you this is still, North Korea This is the least free country in the world. Its ruled by a regime that starves their citizens.

They publicly execute their citizens They enslave their citizens They run gulags there are stories that make the news of a woman who was made to drown her own, baby You see the positive press coverage about the North Korean Cheerleaders all I see there are human hostages that have been trained to be propaganda Im sure youd sing and dance in unison too if the government was like were gonna put your family in a camp if you dont Play ball when I look at Kim Jong Uns sister Kim neo Jung. I dont I dont see someone Oh, just its just having some sass I see the head of North Koreas propaganda and agitation Department and understand Im not saying this as if America does not have its own set of problems But just just read any story from any defector from North Korea, and you will understand Thats why Im horrified and angered anytime any media outlet any youtuber Does something that normalizes the the monsters that run that country the most are the massive scandal and outrage against? Oxfam Oxfam if you dont know as an International Confederation of charitable organizations They say their goal is to empower people free people from poverty see them also Respond to emergency situations like after the Haiti earthquake and actually a big part of the scandal is Connected to the response to the Haiti earthquake Theres an investigation that uncovered evidence that there was a coverup by Oxfam when they discovered that their workers were using prostitutes in Haiti after the 2010 earthquake and after an internal investigation The reports of misconduct three men were allowed to resign four were fired for gross misconduct The Times report that said one of the man that was allowed to resign was hey Dias country director Rowland van Howard Miran he admitted to using Prostitutes in the villa the charity rented for him and using charitable funds to pay for them the charitys chief executive at the time Barbara Stockton allowed him to have a quote phased and dignified exit this because firing him could have quote potentially serious Implications for the charitys reputation there are also concerns that some of these prostitutes would have been underage MP Gavin sugar saying in case youre wondering teenage girls in one of the poorest countries in the world Immediately following an earthquake dont buy any measure choose Prostitution one source claimed to have seen footage of one night that was like a fullon Caligula orgy with young prostitutes even wearing Oxfam shirts and when the firings happen Oxfam assured the public that there were over misconduct that had nothing to do with their aid budget Oxfam also said they reported these incidents to the Charity Commission But the Commission said they never received a final report also saying what they did receive did not detail the precise allegations nor did it make any indication of potential sexual crimes involving minors Commission has also said theyre asking Oxfam to review what happened and to provide them with assurance that It has learned lessons from past incidents also that theyre taking all necessary steps to ensure Risks are minimised following that report and the statement Oxfam said after the investigation in 2011 we carried out a thorough review of the case Which resulted in the creation of our dedicated? safeguarding team a confidential whistleblowing hotline and Safeguarding contact point within countries as part of a package of measures to ensure that we do all we can to protect our staff prevent sexual abuse and misconduct happening in the first place and improve How we handle any allegations also adding, and this is my favorite part our code of conduct now stipulates I will also not exchange money offers of employment employment goods or services for sex or sexual favors in 2011 the code only prohibited sex with beneficiaries and anyone under 18 what I specifically love about that language is it makes me feel like at least one of the people that Got in trouble was like it wasnt specifically in the rules that we should do this I didnt see the rules specifically that we werent supposed to use Charitable funds to get these desperate women to have sex with us It feels like one of these guys were like no we were kickstarting the economy. We were creating jobs putting money in there No, I think most sane human beings go this is disgusting predatory behavior And thats on top of the gross misuse of charitable funds, and what seems to be a cover also Theres been the question of well if Oxfam learned about this Why didnt they go to authorities according to Oxfam chief executive Mark gold? they didnt report the incident to local authorities because they were worried about the safety of the women at swine now following all this the UKs Department for International Development said in a statement we often work with organizations in chaotic and difficult circumstances if wrongdoing abuse fraud or criminal activity occur we need to know about it immediately in full the way this appalling abuse of vulnerable people was Dealt with raises serious questions that Oxfam must answer we acknowledge that hundreds of Oxfam staff have done No wrong and worked tirelessly for the people they serve But the handling by the senior team about this Investigation and their openness with us and the Charity Commission showed a lack of judgment we have a zerotolerance Policy for the type of activity that took place in this instance and we expect our partners to as well adding the International Development Secretary Is reviewing our current work with Oxfam and has requested a meeting with a senior team at the earliest opportunity?

And that was then followed by the International Development Secretary penny Moore dawn speaking on the issue Sunday I think its shocking and it doesnt matter how good the? Safeguarding practices are in an organization If that organization does not have the moral Leadership to do the right thing and where in particular They have evidence of criminal activity to pass that information to the relevant authorities including Prosecuting authorities, thats thats an absolute absence of leadership So you feel that the docs firm failed in its moral leadership? Yes, I do, but oh boys and girls the story is not over it appears that prostitution has been a longstanding Oxfam problem on Sunday an additional report came out claiming that Oxfam workers at Hughes prostitutes in Chad in 2006 and heres the least shocking shocking news youll get at the time Vann how her Mirren same guys Haiti was the country director for Chat former Chad aide workers said they would invite the women to parties We knew they werent just friends with something else the source also said that one senior staff member was fired in 2006 for misconduct relating to hiring prostitutes in chat Oxfam would not confirm that they had records of these incidents But did say that workers in Chad were under a strict curfew due to security concerns as far as what weve seen today today the deputy chief executive of Oxfam Great Britain penny Lorenz has resigned from her position and she said in a statement over the last few days Weve become aware that concerns were raised about the behavior of staff and Chad as well as Haiti that we failed to adequately act upon It is now clear that these allegations involving the use of prostitutes in which related behavior of both the country director and members of his team in chad were raised before he moved to Haiti has program director at the time I am ashamed that this happened on my watch And I take full responsibility on response to these reports hades ambassador to the UK Said you might be dealing with a pedophile where prostitution is illegal and we believe they may have been underaged kids also adding Oxfam should Recognize they failed and showed a lack of leadership Adding that legal action against Oxfam was also being considered notes really where we end on this story of Oxfam trying to minimize the problem You know its a its a few bad apples but based off of this story Its hard to not think this is a much bigger issue I mean publicly in their annual report there were 87 allegations of sexual abuse by staff in 2016 to 2017 thats only about whats being talked about above the board former International Development? Secretary Preity Patel has also said there is a culture of denial around Exploitation and sexual abuse and the aid sector and covering the story that we just covered Its hard not to think that the real numbers are much high you have people like Ronald Van Hauer Muir and who? Seemingly just went on shattered years and years Unchecked and when he did get in trouble Oxfam seemingly tried to bury the story the the real meat of the story to protect The public image of the the organization they they say to protect the women most likely to protect the funds they receive from the government Oxfam gets around a hundred seventy six million pounds a year from the government and other public authorities And so it will be very interesting to see what further fallout We see whether other resignations firing if the government decides to pull more funding Well have to wait and see and actually I want to just pass the question off to you What is your takeaway from this when it comes to charities?

Are you very trusting you often do a lot of research to see how they spend their money? What does this make you think about Oxfam in general as an entire organization? Id love to know your thoughts actually not just on this last one the last story the first one anything between Id love to know Your thoughts today And thats actually where Im going to end todays show and remember if you liked this article you like what Im trying to do on this channel hit that like button if youre new here hit that subscribe button make sure you dont miss these daily articles which actual if You did miss the last philip defranco show you want to catch up click or tap right there to watch that well if you need Something a little bit lighter.

We have the brand new behind the scenes vlog today You can click your tap right there to watch that lots that said of course as always my names philip defranco Youve just been philld in. I love yo faces, and Ill see you tomorrowp

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