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pYOU WONT GET RICH OFF BITCOIN OR CRYPTO!p p Hello my friends, this is Edilson, from Investimentos Digitais Digital Investments Good morning, good evening, good night To begin with, if you are not subscribed to this channel, please do it turn on notifications and like this article, it helps me a lot Alright.


Bitcoin. Youre not going to get rich off bitcoin neither off another cryptocurrency Lets talk about it. I already wanted to talk about it But its a bit complicated, because people buy bitcoin and think they are going to get rich overnight and thats not how it works the market will not forgive you, it doesnt forgive the impatient ones theres a lot of biased content in which the headline goes like that youve missed youve missed 10 times the chance of becoming a millionaire this year and what is talked about on this kind of content: so, throughout this year youve missed 10 times the chance. of making a investment and earning a million bucks lets say, if you had bought Raiblocks XRBNANO 483 bucks in march last year and if you had hodled this coin you would have a million bucks in your account . and then they make some crazy math. if you had invested 1k on ZCASH last year Ripple XRP: if you had invested 2, 8k in January last year.

ARC, Stratus, bitshares, stellar lisk, siacoin, bytecoin. well. Is that true? Yeap, its true, but ONLY IF YOU HAD BOUGHT Would you be able to hodl?

No. I have another article where I talk about its called. Bitcoin: Why didnt I buy it before? So, in that article I explain if you had bought bitcoin before, you would do the same thing than thing than 99, 9 of the people who bought you would sell it when the price went up.

Why? Because its simply the human nature Like with the other coins If you had bought it in March, you probably and if you werent a big supporter of that coin would have sold it and you wouldnt have bought much coins unless you are crazy even the coins I trust I never begin buying an absurd amount I usually buy 50, 100, but right after when a coin you bought for 1 has a notorius rise in its price, and now costs 10, 20 each unit you never know if it will continue going up you wont take the chance so, be careful with this the technology is amazing cryptos came to change the world Will some people will get rich because of this? Definitely But its not focusing 100 on profit or or risking everything like a retard doing things like buying some shitcoin Ive talked about analyzing a crypto in another article Ive talked about IOTA, its price will get to the 10 range, so dont think its going up to a very high price Why? Because of IOTAs supply is huge like billions of coins 2bi or something like that So, there are projects with a supply with trillions of coins, like PAC coin And some people that have a coin that is worth cents think they think its going to cost 10, 15 and they will become millionaires overnight No, man!

This coins price will go down after sometime and you will lose your money, but as I said Is there a chance that you become a millionaire? Yes, there is.


The probability? Almost 0. But you can make some money if you are patient. If you are not, the market wont forgive you. Any mistake and your money is gone And if youre not patient, like I say or if you try the trading marketing with no previous knowledge and thats what I say to begginers: 1st thing: go after knowledge, study how it works how bitcoin works, what is the blockchain I have some articles showing that, showing how the technology works you shouldnt invest in thing that you you dont understand I know. I know a lot about the fundamental analysis of the coins of each coin the ones that I like, at least, I dont know about all of them although I know of the aspects of the coins I cant predict the future like, some people talk about the graphic analysis like you know, Im not a big supporter I really prefer the fundamentals because. what is graph analysis? its the analysis of of the human behavior. but but no one knows what other people are going to do you have to analyze the graph based on the past! and according to what happened in the past, it may. in the future, the coin follow some previous behavior a tendency shown by the graphs but, its human behavior so you never know and theres more there are some news that simply destroy any graph analysis the most perfect analysis, and I always say it lets say, this article that I actually I anticipated it before yesterday I had talked about MtGox and it wasnt released at that time and then some channels began to talk about it but I did it before, on wednesday and what happened was that some people who had large amounts of bitcoin dumped it into the market and it caused the price to go bottom rock but Im not going to talk about it in this article Im just saying, take care, you know before buying any shitcoin thinking you are going to get rich that you are going o make a lot of money.

No. First thing: you have to understand the basics, or just make the easy thing: buy bitcoin I mean, some people say dont try to make the advanced things first just begin with bitcoin the first, the oldest, the safest its been around for quite a time and just then you can go to other cryptos and look for the ones that are on the top list: litecoin ethereum, a really good project theres NEO, IOTA Those are the ones that I like But what Im trying to say is: dont go dont go after some sensationalist news like I got 100k with that coin I got 1million with that coin No! That just doesnt happen Theres no shortcut Just put it in your head there is NO SHORTCUT only patience and work you work, buy cryptos and as they are the future, well probably use use them in a very near future those coins to make voluntary trades in real life and set free from government from this monster that wants to tax everything and by the way thats the reason of this recent dump I dont know whats going to happen Im not going to talk about that but todays message is that you are not going to get rich because of bitcoin or other crypto you can make a lot of money Can you actually get rich? Yes.

But it has to be a perfect movement, you have to be very tuned but its almost impossible Im not saying that youve missed the timing because this is a small market yet only 1 so, theres a lot to go trhough, we are still in the begining as I always say if you are going to start in this crypto world invest only only what you can afford to lose I know that any money is money but never get in debt to buy crypto, dont sell anything dont use others bills money to buy crypto thinking that that if you buy a coin it will instantly go up and theres even worse than that some people think that only because he bought that coin it HAS to sky rocket and thats when a lot of people get in trouble so, be patient aside from the projects that I consider as bad projects that have nothing new all the coins have a purpose they may have a chance in the future and always remember There is no free lunch nothing is free Ill give you X coins if you do that. Dont believe in it It simply doesnt exist There are some premined coins, that used captchas but these are the exceptions a very small number of coins were distribuited this way it happened to NANO but their project goes like this. no one knew it was going to reach this price, otherwise everyone would be solving captchas all day long but everytime you see those coin ads be aware, its probably a scam nothing is free in this life with no work, theres no wat if you be patient, study, watching the market, analyzing the options thats most certain path to make some money So, thats was todays message If you liked this article hit the like button, push the notifications all my social networks are on the description if you have any questions leave it down below Ill try to answer some of them take care guys see you!p

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